How to Choose the Perfect Dining Chairs for your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Chairs for your Home

A dining room is a space where everyone comes together to share a meal. It is a place for laughter, an exchange of stories, and a time to strengthen bonds among your family and friends.
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That's why it's important to choose a set of dining chairs that suits your needs and reflects the ambiance of your home and lifestyle. But with hundreds of chairs to choose from, which one is right? Let's start by making a list of steps to take while making your decision.



Step one for designing any space is getting the lay of the land. Grab your measuring tape and consider the shape and size of your dining room - this will give you an idea of what table and chairs to look for. For larger spaces consider oval and rectangular tables while smaller rooms work well with square or round tables. Once you’ve got your base it’s time for the chairs.



Let’s start with the basics. The average table measures up to 30 inches high while the standard seat goes up to 18 inches. Based on practice, the general rule is to keep around 12 inches from the top of the chair to the floor. Next, ask yourself “how many chairs can fit around the chair”? Three inches separating the chairs will set you up comfortably while chair depth will depend on the style of table you go with. These two basic tips will help ensure that the chairs fit nicely when tucked in.


Taking it a step further consider whether you want chairs with armrests. If yes, make sure to measure to ensure that they do not brush up against the table and allow the chairs to slide in easily.



Last but not least consider style. There are two main options: choose a dining room chair set where all seating arrangements are the same or mix and match for more visual diversity. If you go for the latter, the most important thing to keep in mind is incorporating one repeating element. Be it colour, fabric, or shape, one commonality will help unify the space.



The perfect dining room set is based on both practicality and your own personal style. If you’re looking for modern furniture designs for a contemporary home take a look at our catalog for high-quality dining chairs. Trust us when we say that there is a chair out there that's right for you waiting to be found.

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