How to Choose the Perfect Sofa for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Sofa for Your Home

When you walk into the living room what do your eyes immediately seek out? The sofa is the focal point of the room, drawing people in and inviting them to sit amongst family and friends.
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This well-loved item anchors and organizes the room, making its style and placement no simple matter. To help you create a balanced space that reflects your taste, follow along as we cover three simple tips on how to choose a couch.



The dimensions of your space offer you a baseline for arranging your furniture. Whether you have a large or small room to work with, ask yourself, how much surface area can you dedicate to your couch? Will you be adding a coffee table? Or perhaps additional seating options, such as a single-seater for your guests? One recommendation approved by interior designers is to look for a sofa that takes up two-thirds of the wall length. This way the couch is not overbearing or too small for your living room.



As one of the largest furniture items in the living room, the sofa can impact the overall look and feel of a space. Do you want your sofa to command the room? Look for rich, bold colours or soft hues for a more subtle appearance. Aesthetic yet functional it’s also important to consider its material composition. Fabrics create a warm and comforting effect however can easily stain while tougher materials such as leather may feel cold but wear well over time and can be easily cleaned. The opportunities are endless and the choice is yours!



Two factors impact the size and shape of your couch: your living room design as well as its function. If you have large space consider a sectional couch or a three-seater such as the Dado sofa. If you are playing around with a smaller-sized room, a two-seater might just be what you're looking for. This paired with your entertaining style will allow you to choose the right option for your space.


Are you looking for the perfect couch for your living room? Make sure to check out our seating catalog for plenty of options to help you design your space.

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