How to Make your Living Room Look More Spacious

How to Make your Living Room Look More Spacious

When you're decorating small spaces, every detail counts. With some simple design and color tricks, you can trick the eye into thinking your interior is much more spacious than it really is.
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Here are 5 interior design tricks that can dramatically increase the size of your living room.



Colour can work both in your favor as well as against it depending on the way it is used. Lighter shades of colour bring about a sense of openness making a room appear bigger and brighter. In contrast, while dark paint options may be associated with coziness, their tendency to absorb light will cause your living room to seem smaller than it is.



Mirrors are the masters of illusions. As reflectors of light, they can be used in both a decorative and functional manner to make a room brighter during all times of the day. One of our favorites, the Marina Round Wall Mirror is the perfect accent piece to create a sense of depth within your space.



Storage units can often feel bulky, making a room appear heavy and confining. To reduce the appearance of clutter and make your living room bigger, consider investing in vertical pieces to maximize your space. To take it a step further, use furniture with clear surfaces for the appearance of more surface area.



The trick to making a small room appear bigger is to let in the light. Replace heavy draperies with breezy fabrics to welcome the sun into your living space. Sheer materials in pale colours or simple patterns offer an easy yet sophisticated solution.



Scale is an important thing to consider when decorating. Within tight spaces, proportions matter, especially in living rooms. Avoid combinations that touch the wall and other furniture and move towards pieces that leave open-air between the sides.



Do you have an interior design trick you’d like to add to our list of how to make your living room bigger? Comment down below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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