Sheesham Wood vs Teak Wood: Which one is better?

Sheesham Wood vs Teak Wood: Which one is better?

Furniture made of solid wood stands out amongst a large group of fabricated, synthetic, or engineered options. India has international accreditation in traditional woodworking arts but also without using any sophisticated tools. 
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Throughout the process of choosing a wood type for your furniture, there are a few important parameters to consider. Your choice completely depends on the type of furniture units that you are looking to make or purchase. In this blog, we will be comparing Teak Wood and Sheesham Wood which are the most popular hardwood types in wooden furniture making.

Teak Wood differs significantly from Sheesham Wood in its characteristics and source. You can consider their features and differences listed below to see which hardwood works best for your furniture.


What is Sheesham Wood?

Sheesham wood which is scientifically named 'Dalbergia sissoo' is a commonly used hardwood in furniture making due to its durability. Sheesham wood furniture is long-lasting and provides an elegant appearance while also being more affordable as compared to Teak Wood. Its extremely rich grain makes it a popular selection in solid wood furniture. Sheesham wood is most commonly found in a brown and reddish colour but is also available in a golden colour. Sheesham's interlocked grain structure provides it's strength and durability. Sheesham Wood which is also commonly known as Indian Rosewood is recognized internationally as an exceptional choice for wood carving as well as traditional furniture due to its inherently dark colour which is a common trait among Traditional Indian Furniutre. An easy way to identify Sheesham wood is through its dark veins in red and black hues.


What is Teak Wood?

Teak Wood is without a doubt an international favourite in furniture making. Teak wood is the product of the teak trees commonly named Tetons Grandis. Tectona grandis is native to Southeast Asia mainly in Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia. Teak wood is a compact, close-cut wood, which is a good fit for various furniture styles making it a very versatile hardwood to work with. Teak wood generally comes in various golden hues and smooth textures. Natural oils and rubbers found in Teak Wood make them extremely resilient and strong. Teak wood is very durable being impermeable at high temperatures and water resistant. With the right polish and treatment to the wood, Teak Wood can also be used for outdoor furniture.


Comparison between Teak Wood and Sheesham

1) Cost factor

The cost factor is one of the most important considerations when choosing which hardwood you want for your furniture. It is very hard to pinpoint a figure since the prices vary wildly depending on the quality, grain, and age of the wood. Teak Wood overall a lot more expensive as compared to Sheesham Wood. If your budget allows, then choosing teak wood is a no-brainer because of its beautiful distinctive yellowish-brown color and fine grain structure that gives a unique look to your furniture pieces. Sheesham wood wins in this segment if you are looking for a more affordable option in your furniture pieces.

Sheesham Vs Teak Wood

2) Termite and moisture resistance

Sheesham wood contains more water than teak. Although this adds greater flexibility to Sheesham Wood than Teak in terms of creating bends in the furniture design, it makes it lesser moisture resistant in comparison to Teak. Sheesham wood can be polished, evenly waxed to be more resistant, but this adds to the cost of maintaining furniture. Teak is more saturated with oil which increases its resistance to water, mildew, bacteria as well as pests like termites. In terms of Termite resistance, both teak and sheesham wood are very durable. Overall Teak wood wins in this segment due to its increased moisture resistance.

Sheesham Vs Teak Wood

3) Texture

The biggest difference between sheesham wood and teak is their textures and color. The Rosewood is naturally grainy and is carved into a dark chestnut hue. Teak wood on the other hand is renowned for its smooth texture and grains which are characterized by a yellowish-brown colour that matures into a silver gray patina finish. In terms of texture and aesthetics, teak wood is a clear winner.

Sheesham Vs Teak Wood

4) Weight

Teak wood offers greater tensile stability compared with Sheesham and is therefore heavier. Because of its weight in manufacturing, teak is preferred over Sheesham Wood. Teak is the preferred wood for larger products like dining tables and king-sized beds, while Sheesham wood is commonly used for decor items and small furniture pieces like side tables. You can choose the best wood based on what your requirement is!

Sheesham Vs Teak Wood

5) Easy Use

Teak is preferred when hand-crafted artisans work on furniture pieces. Patterns can be easily carved in teak wood. Teak wood has a better look and distinctiveness compared to Sheesham. However teak wood can often cause easy corrosion of tools due to its high saturation with oil. Although if there is access to good machinery and care for your tools, both of them are relatively easy hardwoods to work with.

Sheesham Vs Teak Wood

6) Durability

Teak wood is a durable wood compared to Sheesian wood owing to its strong structure and waterproof qualities. A large water concentration means Sheesham timber can easily get damp, especially in more humid conditions. When it comes to durability teak wood dominates Sheesham Wood.

Sheesham Vs Teak Wood

7) Workability

For furniture and intricate carving, wood needs workability. Teakwood and Sheesham both are excellent hardwoods to work with your carving tools. Sheesham Wood has more freedom than teak due to its higher moisture content. Teak wood is a lot denser and is hence prone to deterioration while carving, so it is most commonly used for cutting. Teak wood contains silica so only very skilled craftsmen work with teak. Overall Sheesham wood is much better than Teak Wood in terms of workability.

Sheesham Vs Teak Wood



While there are a lot of differences between Sheesham wood and teak wood, they remain to be among the most commonly used hardwood types in furniture making. If you are deliberating which wood to choose if you're planning on making or purchasing your furniture, it is important to consider your requirements first. A few important things to consider would be the cost, aesthetic, finish, design, and usage that would greatly impact your decision. For example, if you are looking to make a piece with a lot of bends in its design, sheesham wood would be ideal because it offers more flexibility. We hope we were able to help make your decision a lot easier with this detailed post on Teak vs Sheesham Wood. 

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