Walk-in Wardrobe: 9 Design Tips to Create a Luxurious Walk-in Wardrobe

Walk-in Wardrobe: 9 Design Tips to Create a Luxurious Walk-in Wardrobe

Wardrobes are an essential part of interior décor because they help optimize the space in our homes while also reflecting our lifestyle choices to some degree. When deciding on which wardrobe to incorporate into our home design, it is important to keep both function and form in mind and the one that matches both are walk in wardrobes.
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What is a walk-in wardrobe?

A walk-in wardrobe is a large closet space that doubles up as a dressing room or an ensuite room. Having an exquisite walk-in wardrobe design like the ones we see on television is a dream for most of us. However, a major challenge in incorporating a walk-in closet in your home is that it often requires an extra room which most people don't have access to. One way we can combat this challenge is by clever design ideas which maximize space without compromising on the aesthetics.

Luxurious walk in wardrobes have ample amounts of space to store your clothes and other accessory items. Be it your watches, shoes, art pieces or jewelry, you can house all of these in one place and treat it like a space you go to relax rather than just a closet. In this blog, we have detailed interior design ideas that you can incorporate to your walk in wardrobe to make it a space you love and adore.

Design Tips for your Walk in Wardrobe

1. Add a Fancy Light Source

Bright lights such as chandeliers or pendant lights would be an attractive feature of your walk-in wardrobe. Your walk in closet is your own place and you should decorate it to your liking. There are a wide range of colours that you can choose from when it comes to lighting. Warm light provides a comfortable atmosphere in a small room while white light provides a more vibrant and bright space. If you intend to use the walk in closet as your main dressing space, a white light would be more appropriate.

Walk-in Wardrobes- A Complete Guide


2. Install Lights for Shelves and Cabinets

Walk-in wardrobes are an area for storage but it doesn't have to look dark or muddy. Imagine being in a hurry and having trouble choosing what dress to where and shoes to put on. The most effective interior design solution in such cases is to have good lighting that allows you to sort your clothes easily to find a perfect fit.

Adding lighting to your shelves and cabinets not only increases visibility to your clothing items, but also increases the aesthetics of the space. The lights in your walk in wardrobe should give you an excellent feel by highlighting your favourite clothing pieces and accessories.

Walk-in Wardrobes- A Complete Guide


3. Add a Vanity Corner

A cozy vanity area enhances a glamourous feel to a walk-in closet. It is also a very practical idea as you have access to all your dressing pieces and accessories to mix and match to find your perfect fit. You can have your own makeup appointment in your walk in wardrobe by adding a large mirror with the vanity table.

Walk-in Wardrobes- A Complete Guide


4. Personalize the Shelves and Storage Solutions

While most shelving solutions are geared for comfort, they aren't necessarily the right one for you. The way your wardrobe is utilized should dictate the custom shelving design. An Open Wardrobe is a great solution for a walk in wardrobe as it maximizes the vertical storage space while being completely easy to access. If you are looking for a more private closet with the functionality of a Open Wardrobe, adding sliding doors with a dark tinted glass solves this problem.

With a large expanse of storage space, your walk in wardrobe design can be made to store everything from your shoes with slanted shelves, jewelry with drawers, and clothes with hanging rods and open shelves. Having a separate space for your clothes that are used in very rare occasions (like your wedding clothes) is ideal as it does not interfere with your daily wear closet space. This improves the functionality of your wardrobe, while giving you the opportunity to highlight your favourite clothing pieces with the help of a Glass Shutter Wardrobe or Open Wardrobe.

Walk-in Wardrobes- A Complete Guide


5. Add some Artwork for your Wardrobe

Are you decluttering your closet space and looking to fill up the empty space? Hang some classic artwork or posters that you like and inspires you. We are aiming to create a place you love. You can also display posters of fashion icons you think inspire you to become an even greater self.

Walk-in Wardrobes- A Complete Guide


6. Have one or more Large Mirrors

It is important for a walk in closet to have ample mirrors. It gives you the chance to take an honest look from head to toe. A large floor standing mirror or mirror shutter on the wardrobe is an ideal way to add a functional mirror to the space without taking away any storage space.

Walk-in Wardrobes- A Complete Guide


7. Add Glass Display Cabinets

Choose open displays rather than solid doors. Glass cabinets allow for a great look while protecting the clothes. They provide elegance to walk in closets, allowing you to show off your designer clothing and shoes. To add some privacy, you can choose to go for a tinted glass for the glass cabinets which wouldn't be completely see through.

Walk-in Wardrobes- A Complete Guide


8. Use Hangers for Open Wardrobes

Using hangers for the open wardrobe designs is ideal in your walk in closet to provide easy access and visibility to your clothing items. Open Shelves with hangers will maximise space for your clothing items while remaining functional.

Walk-in Wardrobe: 9 Design Tips to Create a Luxurious Walk-in Wardrobe


9. Make Use of Vertical Space

Vertical storage is available in any place, no matter how small. When you use these tricks to design a walk in closet, you will be free from the need for space. Hangers, shelves with doors and sliding doors give more room to walk. Loft storage is also an ideal hiding spot for seasonal or bulky items enabling you to keep your small wardrobe clean and tidy.

Walk-in Wardrobes- A Complete Guide

What is the Price of a Walk-in Wardrobe?

When compared to the usual alternative the quintessential walk in closet is more expensive. Because the walk-in closet designs of a master bedroom usually require more material shelving unit, drawers light, flooring and accessories.

The price of your walk-in closet varies based on several factors like material dimensions, shelf numbers, and the type of shutter. How does a wardrobe designer estimate their cost? It's important to make creative and clever use of the available space. At LVNG we value engineer the space to design your dream walk in closet at the price point you are looking for.

Good Wardrobe design is a balance of both functional requirements as well as aesthetics. Making use of the valuable space in your bedroom closets is essential in today's day and age. The idea behind a walk-in closet is to increase storage in the available floor space without comprimising on the aesthetics. Contact Us for the design of your very own luxurious Walk-in Wardrobe at a price point that you are comfortable with!

FAQ: Walk in Wardrobe

Is a Walk-in Closet a Good Idea?

Yes, a walk-through wardrobe is a good idea because the area is organized more easily and has more room for storage and preparation.

What are Walk-in Closets?

Walk-in closets are typically found in bedrooms as a separate space for storage of your clothes and accessories.

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