Top 9 Wardrobe Design Tips For Small Bedrooms

Top 9 Wardrobe Design Tips For Small Bedrooms

An efficient wardrobe design must provide ample storage space and still give your small room an organized and spacious feel. Although gaining more storage in a small area is difficult, it is not impossible. It is very possible for you to obtain the wardrobes of your dreams while making your small bedroom feel spacious with these simple design tips.

 The perfect wardrobe should fit seamlessly in your bedroom layout and leave enough room for comfortable movement around your bedroom space. Opting for a Sliding Wardrobe is a great solution as you save the two feet buffer space that you would be required to provide in the case of hinged wardrobe doors. Another great trick to make your room feel more spacious and airy is to use Sleek Glass Shutters or Glossy Light Coloured Shutters as they brighten up the space with their reflective surface. In this blog, we will list out more such design tips to keep in mind while designing your dream wardrobe in a small bedroom space.


Top Wardrobe Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

1. Use a Sliding Wardrobe

 A wardrobe with sliding doors is popular amongst modern house designs. Their sleek contemporary style, combined with their space-saving door systems, make them a favorite among many homeowners. If your room is small it is ideal to use sliding wardrobes for storing clothes or other accessories. Sliding doors give you plenty of room for free movement and avoids the room from getting too cluttered.

Use every bit of your small space to create an elegant bedroom design. Making use of the vertical space and corner areas is vital in a compact space. Lofts serve a great purpose by enhancing long term storage and fully maximizing the vertical space available without crowding the small bedroom. At LVNG we offer floor-to-ceiling sliding wardrobes with concealed lofts that maximizes your storage space without cramping up your bedroom.

Top 9 Wardrobe Design Tips For Small Bedrooms

Adding a Mirror Panel to the shutters of the Sliding Wardrobe creates a very aesthetic look while also making your space feel a lot larger. Since a mirrored panel is a more a costly option, even a simple glossy white shutter creates a stunning and polished room. Using a more creative approach by combining two different shutter finishes for the wardrobe is a great way to enhance the aestheic of the space while mainiting the functionality of the sliding wardrobe.

2. Add Wall-Mounted Shelves

Layers of shelves on the wall to showcase your beloved pictures, books, or collectables is an efficient way to create an interesting wall space without cramping it. Playing around with different patterns, heights and widths also increases the appeal of the design. Apart from increasing the storage space in your room, you can also add some warm strip lighting to these shelves that creates a very calming aura in the space at night time.

Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedrooms


3. Integrate the Wardrobe Behind the Bed

In the cases of small bedrooms, it's important that the cupboard design maximizes storage space. Placing your wardrobe at the headboard wall such that it is integrated with your bed, frees up a ton of space in the bedroom. You can take this a step further by adding drawers to the bottom of the bed that makes use of the dead space.

Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedrooms


The Wardrobe and the bed can be elegantly designed with the same colour finish to give a more unifrom look to the space. The wardrobe can also have multiple different sections like open units, lofts, etc that is tied into the cupboard design that maximizes storage in the small bedroom space. To increase storage, you can add bed side tables to this design and increase the wardrobe height to the ceiling. Adding a touch of minimal lighting also sets the tone of room at night time which can be used as a reading light.


4. Integrate a Study Table with the Wardrobe

 A Study Table integrated with the cupboard design offers the best of both worlds - a workplace and storage. Utilizing corner spaces for a study table makes use of the limited space available in small bedrooms. Adding minimal lighting and drawers to these study nooks is essential to store your stationery needs and make the space functional at night time. Ensure you have access to electrical points next to the study as they always come in handy whether you need to charge your laptop or connect a table lamp.

You can further maximize storage in the bedroom by introducing lofts and open cabinets in the cupboard design.  Open shelves are a great way to store your books, electronics and other items that you would require at your work station.

Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedrooms


5. Mirrored cupboard for a stylish space

Introducing a mirrored cabinet gives the illusion that there's unused space. The use of mirror in the wardrobe is mainly to create a stylish statement, but also removes the need for an additional dressing mirror. You can add all your required beauty products and accessories within the wardrobe by providing more drawers internally.

Mirrors are often used as adornments to create a luxurious appearance as it emits light and adds to the sense of space. They will make small bedrooms feel more airy and reduce the bulkines of the wardrobe design.

Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedrooms


6. Sleek Glass Wardrobes

 How do I find a stylish and functional wardobe for my small bedroom? Sleek Glass Wardrobes are the way to go. With glass shutters you can elegantly showcase your favorite clothing items, footwear, and accessories while adding a layer of privacy by using tinted glass. Using lighting inside the cabinets help in highlighting your favourite clothing pieces while creating a luxurious environment in your room. Apart from adding a touch of modernist luxury to your small bedroom, glass wardrobes also make the space feel more spacious.

Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedrooms


7. Light Coloured Shutters

Create urban-chic bedrooms with light coloured glossy cupboards. The glossy surface of the light coloured shutters reflect light and make the space more open and vibrant. Using a combination of neutral colours in combination with a wood finish adds a contemporary look and enhances the space. One way this can be done is by creating a open shelf unit in the cupboard design that is finished in a wood textiure and used for display purposes. Keeping some beautiful items there makes the room looks more aesthetic and lightens the space.

The white wardrobe is a charm for the small bedroom wardrobe design because it opens up the space and makes it more airy. White will make the room look bigger and less cluttered while giving out a timeless attractive look to the bedroom. Glossy white wardrobes or white wardrobes with a mirror panel is an essential element in small spaces.

Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedrooms


8. Placing a Corner Wardrobe

A Corner cupboard is an important trend in contemporary small bedroom cabinet design. The corner walls can be utilized for storage with this cupboard design. In small bedrooms this is extremely useful as you will need to use every square inch to the maximum. Apart from increasing storage in a compact space, when it is designed with neutral colour tones and symmetry it gives an attractive appearance to the whole bedroom space.

Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedrooms


9. Wardrobe with Pull-out Features

Adding pull-out features to your wardrobe and fixed furniture maximizes the storage space in small bedrooms while being visually concealed externally. Designing a hydrollic lift-up bed instead of a normal one or concealing a ironing board and shoe rack inside the wardrobe are few ways pull out features can be incorporated to maximize storage in a small bedroom.

Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedrooms



In conclusion, small bedrooms can be a challenge when it comes to wardrobe design. However, with a little creativity and the right strategies, you can overcome this challenge and create a functional and stylish wardrobe that fits your needs and complements the overall design of your bedroom.  By considering the layout of your bedroom, choosing the right wardrobe size and shape, and using every inch of space wisely, you can create a wardrobe that is both practical and visually appealing. So, don't let a small bedroom hold you back – take these tips and start designing the wardrobe of your dreams today! If you are looking for some professional help in designing and building your dream wardrobe for a small bedroom, contact us for a free design consultation today!

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